Become an Odus Agency Partner and start creating AI bots for clients

As an Odus Agency Partner, you’ll build own AI-based conversational platform under your brand!

Why Join our Agency Program?

  • White Label

    Develop your personal brand without limits on our platform. We take care of the rest.

  • Pro Community

    A closed expert party for sharing experiences and finding business partners!

  • Video Course

    Not sure how you’d use a bot for client’s company? It’s not a problem! We will teach you even from scratch.

  • Revenue Share

    Create and sell your own plugins with functions and integrations to all users of our platform.

  • Priority Support

    These tickets will receive priority over all others and expedited as much as possible. Let’s chat!

  • Customer flow

    Agencies will have the opportunity to be listed on Odus’s public agency directory on our Website.

Become a Premium Partner

  • Odus Partner

    All agencies that meet the entry criteria and enroll in the Odus Agency Program will get access to most program benefits including exclusive sales and training resources:

    • Basic agency features
  • Odus Premium Partner

    Agencies that fulfill a few more requirements and demonstrate significant experience with helping clients be successful with AI chatbots and Odus will unlock additional benefits, namely:

    • + Developer Tools
    • + Agency Listing
    • + Customer flow

How To Join?

Complete the simplest agency application form

Immediately after confirmation, you will get access to White Label. You can start work or...

Get expert agency status for more trust

Pass a quiz on AI chatbots and Odus. Then you will receive the status of
a confirmed agency.

And welcome to our big Odus family, partner!

We’ll verify that you’re an admin of a bot with at least 100 subscribers... and you’re in!

Our Mission

We believe that artificial intelligence and speech interfaces will soon save people from primitive labor. Therefore, we strive to make these technologies available to every internet company in the world.