Odus is...

... an opportunity to get rid of issues with the support of your customers. If you have 200 incoming requests, you need at least 5 operators. We know. We were in your shoes.

Odus was born in the autumn of 2017 with the goal to save Internet companies from these problems.

We have already helped online schools and shops, car rental companies, many SaaS companies, etc. Therefore, we are ready to help you.

Welcome to our AI community!

  • Microsoft for startups
  • Moscow institute of physics and technology
Co-Founder photo

Alexey Chernyshev

Co-founder & CEO

Create your global company

Artificial intelligence allows you not to worry about the growth of support staff along with the growth of your customer base.

We are doing everything possible so that you can develop your business without leaving your home.

Use this power for good purposes!

Odus Inc.
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