Automate calls and messages with human-like robots

Reduce cost, increase sales, and get over 25% conversion rate in voice calls & messages without coding.

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Sample calls

  • Talk with a co-worker
  • Direct call to a person
  • Incoming call to a fired person

Integrate your experience to a robot in two clicks

Visual Dialogue Builder
watch the demo video
Complex scenarios with entities
watch the demo video
Fast integrations with any VoIPs
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Absolutely free Anti-IVR plugin
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Supported by

  • Microsoft for startups
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Nvidia Integration Program
  • Moscow institute of physics and technology

What clients say about us

We use bots to organize our events and gather people into the community. This is an unbelievably superb tool for engaging users!


Synergy University

This can replace 80% of your manual support desk work. Odus is quite intuitive to use once you have understood the logic behind it.

Michael Pauli


The NLU the Odus team has built within their AI core is amazing and expect to see big things from the company. Anyone should try Odus out.

Aaron Moss

Our lawyers had to constantly respond to requests from clients. We used the bot and freed up 50% of the time specialists.


Vivat Group

We didn’t have enough people to quickly answering questions from customers. As a result, we launched assistant with AI and sales increased by 40%!


Radosvet Development

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The better solution for your business

Full automation
of customer support

Thanks to the patented DCT solution (Dialogue Contextualization Technology) from, you can completely get rid of support agents. 99%. It is not joke.

More productivity and less staff

The minimum amount of data

Automate your calls in 2 days using our Dialogue Builder. You need only 30+ questions on each topic. Stop wasting time collecting a lot of data.

More productivity and less staff

Fast integration
with any software

The unique modular structure of Odus allows us to create any software integration for you in one week on our SaaS or on-premium solution.

Automate your FAQs in 10 minutes



Launch Odus on your server

$ 45




Full access to the platform

$ 0.005+




We will help to launch your project

$ 5000+


  • Unlimited assistants

    Create chatbots and experiment without restrictions. Not for all channels.

  • Any channels

    Web-widget, Messenger, Telegram, Viber, or your widget in the mobile app and website.

  • Cancel anytime

    Cancel anytime, after you subscribe to a plan. You are only committed to paying per month.

  • Analytics

    Powerful detailed analytics of scenarios, conversions, and dialogs.

  • VoIP

    Voice Calls and Text messages connection via Voximplant, Twilio or your VoIP provider.

  • Simple billing

    Odus bills you once per month through the payment method you prefer.

  • Custom plugins*

    Individual development of additional modules from us for your robots. * Paid extra.

  • WhatsApp Business API

    The connection via WhatsApp Business API. You should get permission by yourself.

  • Support 24/7

    Our experts will help you solve any problems. 24/7 online!

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