Increase sales by 30% and reduce costs by 80%

Change your sales team to the AI assistant in chats
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Why does your business need Odus?

There are 3 reasons why you should add Odus to your lead pages and instant messengers...
Build relationships
The involvement of clients in a dialogue with a robot due to natural communication and instant answers grows 2-3 times. Invest in improving customer conversational experience with your brand.
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Stay connected
3-5 times less the cost of getting customers by developing relationships with them. Stop losing leads and collect everyone customers at one entry point. Now, no order will be missed!
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Use the full power of your website, social media and instant messengers. Increase open rate of messages up to 80%! CTR 35% – this's real.
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Digital marketing becomes personal

With Odus, business owners get higher rates of retention, engagement and coverage.

users in instant messengers

smart speakers sold only in US

CTRs compared with Email

Fire a sales and support team!

Two people are enough to train an intellectual assistant on their own and replace inefficient employees
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What can Odus do?

Odus is your full-fledged employee who doesn't ask for a salary, doesn't sleep or goes on maternity leave.

Communicate freely
Odus understands natural speech (NLU) and defines your intention.
Automate sales
Odus will answer questions, find the right product for the customer and make an order.
Forget about email
Collect your audience in instant messengers and makes mailings with 10-fold effectiveness!

1,000+ Integrations

Seamlessly connect through native integrations plus over 1,000 through Zapier

What others say about us

Don't trust our words. Progressive companies are already using Odus. Read what those lovely people have to say about us.
We use bots to organize our events and gather people into the community. This is an unbelievably cool tool for engaging users!
Evgenia Ronzhina
Community Owner at Synergy University
Mailing to email almost ceased to be useful. Bot helps us to keep in touch with customers. Our messages open rate has grown 4 times!
Kirill Antoshin
CEO at Myrentacar
Our lawyers had to constantly respond to requests from clients. We used the bot and freed up 50% of the time specialists.
Leonid Sever
Lawyer at Vivat Group
We didn't have enough people to quickly answering questions from customers. As a result, we launched assistant with AI and sales increased by 40%!
Stanislav Chernyshev